LOOM is my first attempt at making a 2D animation instrument.

It is inspired by:
  • gazing at students trying to interact with a tiny timeline on a cintiq.
  • Caleb Woods Weaving Loops tutorial
  • James Pattersons elegant VR animation software NORMAN VR
  • Andrew Benson’s BOOPY CLUB 

In LOOM i try to constrain the tools often used in this craft and to design an experience that makes more room for exploration of spacing and timing and less software tinkering.

LOOM is based on a circular timeline which makes creating loops and weaving them a joy.
This software takes cues from musical instruments, sequencers and synths.

LOOM is definitely a work in progress. It is written in P5.JS so currently runs in a browser.
Thanks to the talented and generous Mike Tucker it is now also possible to map midi interfaces to control different aspects of the software.

In collaboration with Flexika Arcades LOOM is also explored as a standalone arcade machine based software.